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Dear host family,
My name is Malina, I am a Romanian native and I am a full-time student in the UK, having a BA
degree in Spanish and Internationals Relations at Nottingham Trent University.
I would like to become an au-pair for the summer time and come to China, because I think that
you have such a beautiful and rich culture and I would like to learn more about it, as I value
everything that can help me to enrich my general knowledge and that can fulfill my desire of
traveling all over the world. Also, I am seriously thinking of pursuing a career in this field and become a
lecturer in the university and teach one of the languages that I learn, such as Spanish or English.
I am really confident that this au-pair programme is going to be an amazing and fascinating
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experience, as I’ve been an au pair before for a Spanish family in Madrid for 3 months in 2017 during
the summer time. When I was there my main responsibilities were to take care of two kids, aged 8 and
11, while teaching them the English language. I will always cherish the moments spent with them,
because they offered me one of the most beautiful summers I’ve ever had. Having such a good time,
it makes me look forward to having another unforgettable experience, but this time in China.
I do have more experience in working with children, achieved by doing voluntary work in
Romania. Within the framework of SAREPTA association, a volunteering centre, which aims to help
poor people morally and financially, from 2014 to 2015 I offered my support to children, who attended
primary and secondary school, and I helped them to do their homework and clarify whatever queries
that they might have.
In July 2015, I continued my voluntary work at JURJAC centre aimed for children who come from
needy families that benefit here from solicitude and supervision during the day, where I unfolded
recreational activities for children aged from 6 to 12. While at ” Star of Hope” centre, which is destined
to children who suffer from down syndrome, autism and other learning difficulties, I developed
different tasks with the help of a qualified psychologist, so these children could expand their
imagination and practical skills.
Although I am a Romanian native my English language is very good and this is attested by the
Cambridge Language Exam (C1 level) and by the fact that I study at a British University. During the
high school I had a great interest in improving and developing my English language skills as I wanted
to study abroad during the university time. Being always motivated by an absolute perseverance and
perfectionism I got to achieve this goal. This motivates me to help others who wish to learn this
language, because I already know how difficult it can be for a non-English speaker. I will do my best
and I will develop fun activities for your children to better understand the language and expand their
I am a fun and active person so I will be really happy to develop any activities and games that the
children would like to. I like playing volleyball and football, cycling and hiking. If there are any other
sports that you do I will be willing to try it alongside all of you.
I hope that this description will help you decide whether or not I am a suitable candidate for your
family. I can only assure you that I will do my best and I cannot wait to come and be part of your
Kind regards,
我的名字叫 MARLINA,我是罗马尼亚人,我现在在英国读书是一名全日制大学生。我在诺丁汉 TRENT 大学有一个
间。我在那个家庭的主要任务是照顾一个 8 岁和一个 11 岁孩子,并且教他们英文。我总是非常珍爱和他们在一
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我在孩子的照顾和教学上有丰富经验,这些经验都是在罗马尼亚从事志愿者工作时获得的。在 SAREPTA 协会的
2015 年 7 月,我继续在 JURJAC 志愿者中心工作,旨在帮助那些来自贫困家庭领取救济金的,整天焦虑不安的
孩子。在那里,我为 6 到 12 岁的孩子开展了令人难以置信的活动。而在希望之星中心,它旨在帮助那些有综合
虽然我是罗马尼亚人,但是我的英文很好,这是因为我通过了 C1 英文等级考试,并且在英国大学读书.在读高中期

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